ProducerTrentTaylor: “

ProducerTrenttaylor’s career began with intense sentiment when he released The Weed Tape, a controversial beat tape sampling some of the greatest moments in history — via Bandcamp in 2014. The music producer was 21 years old and in the process of getting kicked out of the military. The Weed Tape featured tracks like The Wake and Bake, Raw Papers, Altitudes, Payday, Time and Space, Kush In The Midnight Hour and Zero Fux.

That beat tape led to the creation of 9 beat tapes and 1 single. Tracks from The Weed Tape have been heard at more than 50 live appearances including producer collectives, festivals, private events and an educations institution in Minneapolis, MN.

Summer 2018, ProducerTrentTaylor made the album available on Tidal, Bandcamp and 150+ other platforms including Soundcloud and Deezer. ProducerTrentTaylor’s songs have been streamed roughly 2.4 million times on Apple Music and Spotify alone.


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