Keep Bouncing

23.SEP.18 “When I think of adjectives to describe ProducerTrentTaylor’s beats….I would use: 1. Amazing. 2. Creative. 3. Unique. and 4. Relaxing –just to name a few!!! His beats will provoke a chilled euphoria in your ears that will travel to your brain and will flow into your heart! Thank You for sharing your love of music, mixing in your creativity and talent! #AFan4Life #ProducerTrentTaylor #KeepBouncing!!!!!  ❤❤❤

P.Y.T.  —

20.SEP.18 “Smoke Doctor comes with the certified heat each and every album. but this album is definitely his most progressive work. I give this album a 10/10, hands down.” In Response To $moke Doctor’s AKA ProducerTrentTaylor’s latest work,  Rare Candy /  珍しいあめ (2018)

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